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Survival: The Ultimate Survival Guide



“The Ultimate Survival Guide” walks you through how to survive anything, anywhere in the world. Not only is it deeply comprehensive in regard to teaching how to survive in any type of terrain or weather conditions, it goes much further than that.

Surpassing other survival guides, which create fear based thinking and assume there are at least some tools available, “The Ultimate Survival Guide” walks you through the importance of remaining calm and is written to assume that you have no tools available at your disposal. It teaches how to create shelter, and find food and water, with nothing other than what can be found in nature.

Along with teaching how to find clean, drinkable water – even in the desert or around the ocean, this survival guide teaches how to find a variety of foods, from meat to vegetables and fruits. It will also teach surprising items that can be eaten in order to stay alive, that many will not realize were edible. Additionally, you will learn what absolutely should not be eaten, due to the possibility of becoming deathly ill.

You will also learn:

• How to create critical tools needed for survival, and how to find materials needed to use for building a variety of types of shelters.
How to determine the best type of shelter to build for specific situations and types of weather.
• Essential skills such as how to treat injury and illness without bandages or other First Aid equipment.
Important social dynamics skills needed to survive the social chaos that is prevalent in emergency situations.
• And more.

“The Ultimate Survival Guide” is filled with facts that only the most experienced prepping experts and survivalists know. At the same time, this survival guide makes each skill easy to understand and accomplish, even for the most inexperienced beginner.

The most important benefit of this survival guide is it teaches the reader how to remain alive, despite even the most extreme circumstances. It is an enjoyable, and an essential guide to read and share with the entire family.

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