Survivalist Training Tips and Equipment

MRE Meals And Other Supplies Can Save Lives


Emergency situations require everyone to take full personal responsibility for their lives and others at risk. This is why looking for emergency preparedness kits with enough food and medical supplies to keep you going is a must. John Wiseman came up with the SAS survival guide to give tips on how to keep safe in cases of emergencies. First aid kits are commonly used as a survival gear at home. Having the necessary medical supplies in this kit will go a long way in saving your life. MRE meals have gained popularity over the years by offering nutritive and affordable food supplies in times of crises.

There are different types of emergency situations we have to prepare for. Whether you were out you were attacked by a wild animal while camping or a natural disaster has hit your area, the SAS survival guide offers strategies to help keep you alive. When it comes to natural disasters do not always expect the government agencies to run to your rescue. There are a lot of things you could do while you wait for the paramedics to come in. Buy MRE meals and keep them intact together with medical supplies. The SAS survival guide provides the kind of essential emergency supplies that you need at your disposal when it comes to emergencies.

SAS survival guide suggests you should take note of the nutritional value of the MRE meals you purchase. You can find canned vegetables; foods containing mineral supplements with a high shelf life for your ultimate survival so always make sure you read the expiry dates. The SAS survival guide suggests that human beings can survive a few days without food but not for long without water and medical supplies. You can also buy cleaning water tablets because finding clean water can be challenging. Purchase a survival kit from the local store and make sure it has the necessary medical supplies.

If you are out camping carry flashlights, a knife, fire blankets and other supplies. Do your research properly and study the terrain well to know what to avoid and how to avoid it. The SAS survival guide provides ways on how to set up a nice fire because you can never survive in the forest without warmth. Tips like carrying waterproof matches, MRE meals and flint rocks are very essential. Medical supplies like bandages and painkillers should be with you at all times. Remember that the MRE meals should be nutritional.

The contents of all disaster kits are clearly outlined in the SAS survival guide. It is advisable to carry only essential supplies in case of a disaster making sure that they fit in a bag pack which you can easily carry and move around with. Include the MRE meals and medical supplies in your list. Most importantly do not panic. Remember that some of these disasters are purely random and beyond human control so the best you can do is to prepare yourself well. If you have first aid supplies at hand you might end up saving many lives around you.