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How to Build A bucket Room Cooler


When things go bad, or if you just have a nice off grid place as a retreat, keeping comfortable is important.  Here is a little tutorial to help keep you cool…

Here’s what you will need


A 5 Gallon Bucket and Lid with holes drilled in the side.bucket

A cooler pad (like duracool pads) cut to 33 1/2 x 13 inchescoolerpad


And another cooler pad cut to 24 x 13 inchescoolerpad2


1/2 inch Drip irrigation line or poly hose and a T connector…hose


with holes poked/drilled in uniformlyhose2

A pump of some sort.  Battery powered or solar charged, it’s up to you. (as long as it works)pump



A fan mounted to the underside of the lid.  A computer fan is nice and quiet and can also be quite

and finally an exhaust port…397729919



And the test results!

Outside Tempoutside

Air Temp from Coolerport

Inner Bucket Tempinsdie

This cooler uses 2 gallon of water every 5 hours and it uses about 1.45 amps per hour.

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