Survivalist Training Tips and Equipment

Dental Care when there is no Dentist



Admit it, taking care of your teeth in the case of an emergency is the one thing you never thought about planning for. Whether you are spending a good deal of time out in the backcountry by choice, or in the case of a civil emergency, taking care of your teeth is going to be important. Remember, dental problems lead to other health problems.

You will want to keep a supply of the following items.

1. Toothbrushes of course! You will want several for each member of your family.

2. Toothpaste, or you can use Baking powder and water.

3. Dental floss and tooth picks,

4. Listerine. The Original is a great multi use antiseptic as well.

5. An emergency dental kit, for when you damage a tooth. The Dental Medic Kit is a great choice.

6. And this handbook is Very Helpful

Don’t forget this very important step for preparing for emergencies